ICJ Timeline Cover.

Cover of the ICJ Timeline.


Hundreds of attorneys have received CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credit for participating in programs centered on the legacy of the Nuremberg trial. These programs typically include:

Screening of Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today [The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration]

Lecture by Sandra Schulberg on the following topics:

  • first-ever use of motion picture evidence and how it was used to bolster the four counts of the indictment,
  • use of the trial (and film about the trial) as an instrument of denazification,
  • post-Nuremberg transition from prosecution to amnesty and from punishment to reparations,
  • suppression of the Nuremberg trial film for political reasons,
  • legacy of the Nuremberg principles.

Educational materials for each CLE program include:

  • “Filmmakers for the Prosecution” study guide,
  • International Criminal Justice Timeline, created to accompany the film by law professor Gregory S. Gordon
  • ABA Journal & other relevant articles.

To book a CLE program, please contact sandra.schulberg@gmail.com.