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Sandra Schulberg


Josh Waletzky

Co-Creator/Sound Design

Liev Schreiber


Leon Constantiner

Executive Producer

Elisabeth Hartjens

Duplication of Trial Recordings
& Senior Archival Researcher

John Califra

Score Reconstruction

Marco Swados

Music Consultant

Jonathan Brielle

Music Consultant

John Bowen

Sound Editor

Ken Hahn

Re-Recording Mixer

Jenny Levison

Casting Consultant

Alex Niemczewski

Production Assistant


Elisabeth Hartjens

Duplication of Trial Recordings
& Senior Archival Researcher

Elisabeth M. Hartjens is an award-winning, bilingual (German & English) independent archival film, photo and audio researcher with an academic background in political science and art history. For more than 25 years she has accessed material in Washington, DC, as well as collections all over the world. She has contributed research to many television documentaries, feature length films, audio productions and museum installations, for American and European audiences.

Her TV credits include documentaries related to WW II such as the PBS series, The War, by Ken Burns, Apocalypse by CC&C (Paris) for France2 and the Smithsonian Channel, as well as many documentaries for the two German public television networks, ZDF and ARD.  Other recent work includes A Class Apart for American Experience (PBS), Ahmet Ertegun for American Masters (PBS),  Das Maedchen und das Photo (ARD), and a project on the legacy of the Navajo Code Talkers. Theatrical releases include Trumbo (2008), Lincoln’s Last Day (2008), Fraulein Stinnes faehrt um die Welt (2009), and a German-Austrian co-production on WW I, Death at Dawn: The Emperor’s Last Battleship (2008).

Her audio production credits include Die NS-Fuehrung im Verhoer, an eight-part radio series of original sound documents of the main Nuremberg trial. She has also contributed visual material for museum installations at the US Marine Corps Museum, Quantico, VA.


  • 2009: Individual Emmy for Research on the Emmy award-winning documentary “Women of Tibet - A Quiet Revolution” (PBS and film festivals).
  • 2000: Hugo-Junkers-Preis for the TV documentary “75 Jahre Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof” (ZDF).
Elisabeth Hartjens

Elisabeth Hartjens