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Raye Farr

Steven Spielberg Film & Video Archive
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Les Waffen

Motion Picture, Sound & Video Branch
U.S. National Archives & Records Administration

Ronny Loewy

Project Manager
Cinematography of the Holocaust
Fritz Bauer Institut & Deutsches Filminstitut

Karin Küehn

Filmarchiv der Bundesarchivs, Berlin, Germany

Christian Delage

Historian / Scholar

Sergei Kapterev

Historian / Scholar


Karin Küehn

Filmarchiv der Bundesarchivs,
Berlin, Germany

Karin Kühn is responsible for the acquisition of documentaries in the film branch of Germany's federal archive in Berlin, the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv (BA/FA), and for the restoration of certain films. 2007, she supervised the restoration of one of the most famous films in the world — Walter Ruttmann´s Berlin. Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (1927).

In 2009, she served as one of the chief consultants on the Schulberg/Waletzky restoration of Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today by Stuart Schulberg, which was first released in Germany in 1948 under the title Nürnberg und seine Lehre.  When it became apparent that the Nuremberg  materials held by the U.S. archives were too degraded for use as a restoration master, she provided the BA/FA's fine grain master positive (also known as a "lavender print"), on loan.  A new 35m negative for Nuremberg was made from this lavender print by Colorlab (located in Rockville, Maryland, near the U.S. National Archive),  and then the print was returned to the Bundesarchiv.

Also in 2009, Kühn completed restoration of the 70 mm movie Flying Clipper/Traumreise unten weissen Segeln (1962), by Hermann Leitner and Rudolf Nussgruber.

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Karin Küehn

Karin Küehn